Hire the Most Experienced Wedding Planner Abu Dhabi: Our Services

Let us face it – as exciting as it may be, wedding planning is stressful. You have to remember dozens of details and check on everything. Want to take stress out of the equation? Hiring the right wedding planners in Dubai will enable you to bring that vision to reality without succumbing to stress.

As experienced wedding planners Dubai, we have a vast portfolio of services that our clients can choose among. From planning the perfect destination wedding in Dubai to helping you choose the most gorgeous gown – we can handle it all.

Our Service Range

Depending on your needs, you can opt for full planning, partial planning or day of coordination services. If you opt for the full planning package, you’ll be free from having to worry about any aspect of the wedding. We’ll handle just about everything – event scheduling, on-site management throughout the wedding, budget management, special effects, the cake design, the entertainment, venue booking and transportation among many others.

In case you’ve already done some of the planning, the partial planning service is going to be ideal for you. It’s great for brides and grooms that want to be involved without having to worry about every tiny detail of the process. Day of coordination services are needed to make sure that everything is happening according to plan while you’re getting ready.

Why Choose Us?

As reputable wedding planners Dubai, we have worked with dozens of clients over the years. We’re flexible and very creative in our approach. Need an Indian wedding planner Dubai for your traditional event? Want help with planning a destination wedding in Dubai? Don’t worry, we can handle it all!
Our services are exceptionally personalized. We know how important it is for your wedding to be just like you’ve imagined it. This is why we’ll listen to your ideas, understand your vision and help you bring it to reality.

Get in touch today,to celebrate a remarkable wedding with exquisite work done by Evo Weddings!